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Talk on Translation at Aydın University

İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi Söyleşisi

We held a talk on the functioning of a translation company and the profession of translation at Istanbul Aydın University.

At a conference organized by the Arabic Translation and Interpretation Department of Istanbul Aydın University, Muhammad AKTA, the general manager of Lügat Translation Center, was the speaker. The conference, which focused on the functioning of a translation company and the profession of translation, was attended by students from the university’s Arabic, English, and Russian Translation and Interpretation departments.

The talk hosted by Istanbul Aydın University began with an opening speech by Prof. Dr. Aysel Ergül KESKİN, the head of the Arabic Translation and Interpretation Department. Following this, a presentation was given by Muhammad Akta, the General Manager of Lügat Translation Center.

During the presentation, Lügat Translation Center and its services were initially discussed. The core of the presentation consisted of their areas of work, project management and processes, and technologies that occupy a significant place in the translation sector. Muhammad Akta gave advice to the students on translation companies and services and also touched on the organizational structure of a translation company. Finally, the conference concluded with the presentation of a plaque by Prof. Dr. Veysel Kılıç, Director of the School of Foreign Languages.

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