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Multimedya Çeviri

In translating your written and visual contents, we provide dubbing and transcription services with our expert staff.

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Video & Subtitle Translation

To help you reach a wider audience, we provide the necessary assistance for the visual and audio content in your movies, documentaries, videos, YouTube channels and social media accounts.

Visual Content Translation

If you want your visual content to be translated to the target culture in the best way possible, you are in the right place. With its expert translators, Lügat Translation Center offers you the assistance you need in translating your visual content in a way that suits your target audience.

Dubbing Translation

Dubbing translation process involves various stages where a text is edited and verbalized. We render flawless dubbing translation services with our cutting-edge infrastructure and diligent staff.


Benefit from Lügat Translation Center's technological means to get transcripts of your video and audio recordings more efficiently.

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