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Academic Translations
We not only offer translation services for your academic works, but also render proofreading, editing and formatting services to ensure the best form and content.
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NGO Content Translations
We believe in the importance of social work and contributing to their dissemination. As Lügat Translation Center, we offer services to non-profit associations, organizations and foundations in various fields thanks to our experienced background in the literature of the third sector.
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Press Content Translations
Press content refers to mass publications in written form, such as newspapers and magazines. As Lügat Translation Center, we help media and press organizations in publishing their content in different languages.
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Legal Document Translation
We translate legal documents containing complex, lengthy sentences that require a good command of legal terminology. We manage the process in the best way possible, taking into account the sensitivity of your files and the fact that they are official documents.
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Literary Translation
We translate your precious literary works such as poems, essays, novels and plays taking into account the audience base. We render diligent translation services for your precious literary texts.
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Business Translation
Business translation process involves the translation of contracts, accounting documents, financial documents and statements, real estate and vehicle sales documents. We recognize the value of a good command of the terminology and translate your business documents in the best way possible.
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Finance and Banking Translation
Our expert teams carry out the translation activities for various institutions and organizations in the field of banking and finance.
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Technical Translation
Technical translation is one of the translation services that requires the use of specialized language, terminology and expert knowledge. We help your products establish a global market presence.
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Medical Translation
With our expert translators who are thoroughly familiar with the medical literature, your medical texts are in safe hands. Our team of expert translators and editors render a flawless translation of your medical texts.

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