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Creative Text Translation

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Creative translation aims to translate the source text into the target text both linguistically and culturally. In this sense, creative translation conveys the emotion and message by recreating it while preserving the meaning between the source language and the target language. Initially designed for the marketing and advertising field, creative text translation aims to deliver the translated text to the relevant channel without making it apparent that it is a translation. This type of translation, which plays a significant role in various projects and texts, helps leave more lasting impressions on a specific culture through the text.

In creative text translations, which are a more liberal type of translation, there is no obligation to translate the text verbatim. Visuals used in the text may need to be changed during these processes. Since the main goal is to create texts and projects that appeal to different cultures, such details may be altered. Creative text translations may include idioms and proverbs unique to the source language. In such cases, cultural equivalence is ensured when translating the text into the target language.

What is Creative Translation?

Creative translation is the process of translating a text in a way that remains faithful to the original while being compatible with the cultural components of the target language. In this type of translation, the translator may delete some texts or add new ones. The translator’s creativity is crucial in managing the translation process, adhering to the essence of the text while being suitable for the grammar and culture of the target language. Therefore, creative translation is an important aspect of localization activities.

How Does the Creative Text Translation Service Process Work?

In many translation processes, it is necessary to provide the translator with a source text and define its boundaries. In creative translation, however, the translator needs to see beyond the source text. The translator may be asked to work with multiple source texts in this process. An expert in creative text translation may combine the creative translations of several texts and present their work in this way. In creative text translations, capturing the meaning and conveying it to the target language is more important than a literal translation. At this point, the expert providing creative text translation services also needs to have creative writing skills.

The Role of Lügat Translation Center in Creative Text Translation

Experience personalized creative translation services for individuals and companies with Lügat Translation Center. You can receive creative translation services from Lügat Translation Center for your image campaigns, promotion campaigns for your products and services, and all your printed and digital operations.

Lügat Translation Center works with experts who have creative writing skills for creative text translations, producing work that masters the nuances of both the target and source languages. Contact us for the most effective and creative translation services!

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